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    #ScorpioSeason is coming soon…

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    Scorpio’s East Meets West Zodiac Signs

    Scorpio’s East Meets West Zodiac Signs


    If you know your Western zodiac sign and Eastern Zodiac sign (based on your birth year) then read on about your “Primal Zodiac Sign”. Astrologer Simon Poindexter describes each West + East zodiac combination, below I have listed all of the combinations for the Scorpio zodiac sign. Check out the summaries below and click on the link to read more about your Primal Zodiac Sign!

    AnacondaScorpio + Rat =…

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    Mercury in Scorpio

    Thoughts get deep with Mercury in Scorpio


    TAROT — Mental Mercury, planet of communication, moves into scorching Scorpio on September 27, 2014, signaling a time when our thoughts become deeply serious — and if we aren’t careful, perhaps even paranoid!

    Mercury in Scorpio can be challenging, because Mercury wants to talk and share, while Scorpio is an emotional, yet very private sign. This means…

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    Venus in Libra


    Love gets sweet ‘n light with Venus in loving Libra


    TAROT — Love planet Venus, which rules relationships, beauty and pleasure, moves into its home sign of loving Libra on Sept. 29, 2014, setting us up for a sweet time that highlights partnerships and social settings.

    Venus in Libra is naturally harmonious. This is a time when we’re friendly, sociable, creative and our diplomatic skills peak.…

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    Mercury Retrograde Scorpio Horoscopes for October 2014

    Mercury Retrograde Scorpio Horoscopes for October 2014

    Fall turns on its head as Mercury travels backward in Scorpio and Libra
    By Maria Desimone


    TAROT— Ready or not: Brace yourself for the last Mercury Retrograde cycle of 2014. This time around Mercury will backpedal through two signs, offering us an opportunity to re-evaluate more than one area of our lives. He’ll start his retrograde at 2 degrees of Scorpio on October 4. On October 10 he’ll…

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    A #Scorpio and #Leo are drawn by each other’s strong resolve… #zodiac #astrology #compatibility #LeoSeason #ScorpioSeason

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    How to Woo a Scorpio: 

    • Don’t
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    #Scorpio: The Bad Side 

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